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Google Play Store Download : The Google Play Store is known to every Android user and is one of their favorite junctions is Google Play Store downloads free games and apps. Previously known as the Android Market, this space is owned by Google offering every Android user to browse and download their favorite apps. The Google Play Store allows you to search, browse, and download apps, games, music, eBooks, and movies conveniently at your choice.

Even your favorite brands and companies upload their official apps on this platform offering the public the ease to access their favorite platforms right from the mobile app. Play Store apps have cut down the time consumption limit of buying products and making online transactions within minutes.  This is why the Play Store apps are preferably used by most Android users.

The Google Play Store Download


The Google Play Store offers a wide range of categories to choose your downloaded items. These include apps, movies, music, books, and newsstand. Again the apps section contains a number of sub-categories like travel, social media, tools and utilities, lifestyle, educations, family, health, money and finance, apps for kids, entertainment, and lots more. Each section is individually filtered with the top apps, free apps, and games, editor’s choice, new and updated games, recommended apps, etc. This helps you easily find the type and category of app you need and doesn’t require searching for hours.

Play Store Download

A Play Store individual app page consists of the app name, details, and information about the app, app images, reviews and ratings, and the app developer’s information. So before downloading any app you can view the original images of the app and read the detailed information to ensure this will perfectly work for you.

The ratings and reviews of the customers will also help you determine the nature of the app. You can also view what is included in the latest upgrade of the app and what bugs are fixed. Play Store apps also let you see your device compatibility, so before downloading you can make sure if it will support your device.

Moreover, you can go through the name and details of the developer and visit the official website of the app for more details. Each app page also offers you a few related apps that you can consider downloading. In case you don’t want to download the apps right now, you can add multi apps to your wishlist. The wishlist items will be saved to ‘My wishlist’ section and you can download them at a later time.

Downloading a Free Play Store App

Although the Google Play Store Download includes both free and paid apps, most users consider downloading the free apps. So here’s a step by step guide on downloading a free Play Store app:

Download a Play Store App from your PC

  • Go to
  • Log in with the same Google account that you used to login to your Android device
  • Browse the app or game you want to download and open the page
  • Play Store will automatically detect your device and check compatibility
  • Click on Install and it will be installed on your device

Download Play Store App on your phone

  • Open the Play Store App
  • Browse the app you want to download
  • Click Install and it is done

Downloading a Paid app from the Play Store

For downloading a paid app from the Play Store, you’d require using your credit/ debit card or Google Wallet. To download a paid app from your computer, please follow these steps:

  • Login to Google Play Store with the same Google accounts you are logged into your device
  • Browse the app and click on the Buy button
  • Select the device where you want to download it and click Continue
  • Select a payment method- credit/debit card or redeem a gift card or promo code
  • If you choose card payment, then enter your card details and complete the payment
  • You’ll be able to download the app after that

Download a Paid app on your mobile

To download a paid app on your mobile from the Google Play Store, please follow these instructions:

  • Open the Google Play Store App
  • Browse and find the app you want to purchase
  • Click on the Buy button
  • Enter your credit/debit card details and complete the payment
  • It will redirect you to the Play Store app
  • Click Install and get it

Play Store Movie Downloads

Play Store offers a wide range of movies from the Hollywood and Bollywood. The movies can be permanently purchased or can be rented for a while. Play Store offers HD quality movies that can be enjoyed on your computer, laptop, Chromecast, Roku, iOS, and Android devices. If it is played anywhere else, then the HD quality will be converted to SD. If you rent a movie, then it expires within 30 days or 48 hours once you playback it.

The movie charges vary individually with each file and the rental charges are Rs. 50 for an SD quality video and Rs. 100 for an HD video. The purchase process is same as purchasing an app from the Play Store. You can either buy it using your bank card or redeem it with a coupon or gift card. You can also read the movie reviews and ratings before purchasing it.

Play Store Music Downloads

If you are a music lover then you can’t stop peeking into this section. With a wide range of music from various artists, Play Store brings you the ultimate collection of music you have ever seen. From rock, pop, country music to the classical, Bollywood, Tamil, and Telugu tracks, you will find any of your favorite music tracks you are looking for.

Sadly the music is not free to download but the quality you will get from the paid albums are unbeatable and delivers the enriched sound quality compared to the free tracks. So after listening to these, you will hardly like the free tracks you are listening till now. The cost of the Play Store music albums varies with each category of music. You can also purchase individual tracks that will cost Rs. 15 per track. The Play Store offers you the latest tracks, trending music, and the evergreen songs you have ever craved for.

Play Store Book Downloads

Google Play Store offers you free as well as paid books. So if you are a bookworm, you can easily get a book of your choice. The books are offered in eBook format so you can read them on any device or kindle you use. Play Store books range from kids, educational, health and fitness, fiction and non-fiction, cooks, and recipes, business and investment, and lots of other categories. You will find amazing readability in the books and carry them anywhere in your kindle, smartphone or tablet.

Play Store Newsstand Downloads

The Newsstand section in the Google Play Store offers the daily news and magazines that can be downloaded on a regular basis. You will find both free and paid news here. The paid news can be subscribed or can be purchased from the store. The subscription charges are deducted monthly or yearly as per your choice and the daily issue can be downloaded at a certain price.

Play Store offers the leading newspapers and magazines including, India Today, Hindustan Times, Business Today, NDTV, Indiatimes, Cosmopolitan, Desimartini, The Guardian, and lots more. This way you can receive the latest news and happenings from around the world right on your Android device effortlessly.

Google Play Store Gift Cards

The Play Store Gift Cards can be used for app purchases or for purchasing movies, music, or books from the Play Store. A Gift Card can also be gifted to any of your friends or family members as a small token so that they can download their favorite paid apps from the store.

You can choose from thousand files from the Play Store and use your Gift Card to buy them. The Gift Card can be redeemed anywhere or on the way from the web or from your Android device. And the best part about a Gift Card is that it will never expire and you can store it lifelong.

Google Play Store Gift Cards have recently launched so it might take some time to get available to your local retailer. Gift Cards are a great way to gift or treat yourself.

View your Play Store activities

All your shared Play Store activities will be logged in the ‘My Play activity’ section. Here you will find a synopsis of your recent shared activities and downloads. This will help you determine if your account is moving in the safe direction and not accessed by any other user or device.

Google Play Store is the Official Android App Store and not the APKs

Being an Android user, it is important for you to learn that only the Google Play Store offers the official Android apps, games, movies, music, and books. Still, if you consider downloading the paid apps for free from any unofficial or third-party source, then please do that at your own risk.

Most people download the APK files which are gained from third-party sources and might be harmful to your device. Most APK files contain harmful malware and infections those tend to ruin your device, but still, people are unknown of it. This is why Google always recommends to keep your devices safe with the official apps from the Play Store and not consider downloading any unofficial APK files. This is why the Google Play Store is built in order to ensure the safety of users.

Play Store Download Application Updates

After installing apps and games from the Google Play Store, Google periodically upgrades the apps and recommends you to update them on your device. Play Store sends you push notifications whenever any app update is available. Updating an app is necessary to fix the minor and technical problems in the apps that might cause delays in app starting or operating it. Most of the apps are frequently updated to make sure your device runs safely without any lag.

So whenever you receive any notification from the Play Store, please update the apps to prevent causing delay to your device. Updating the apps will take some time and might consume a large amount of data. So it is highly recommended to update the apps and games only with a secure WiFi connection to make it faster and prevent data loss. Even Google also recommends updating apps with a WiFi network.

Play Store Occasional Discounts and Offers

The Google Play Store also offers occasional discounts and offers on the paid apps, games, movies, etc. Since this is the festive season, you will find a huge discount on the site. Play Offers 50% to 80% discounts on their products which are a huge profit to the buyer. Generally, you won’t be able to avail such a huge off so it is suggested to grab your favorite apps and games during this festive season.

More about the Google Play Store Download

Google Play Store offers its apps worldwide, while some of the apps are limited to a few countries only. The paid applications are available in more than 135 countries. Google has till now removed many low-quality apps from the store, those are lower in download and ratings.

A large number of developers have distributed paid applications in the Play Store and for this, they have paid $25 as a registration fee for a Google Play Developer Console account. Google accepts this fee as an encouragement to develop and publish high-quality apps in the store and the developers can control in which countries their app should be published. They receive 70% of the app price and the rest 30% goes to the distribution partner and operating fees.

The Google Play Store works as a digital distribution channel and the official app store for the Android OS. It offers users the convenience to search and find their favorite apps and use them. You can even uninstall or remove an app if you dislike it.

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